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Additional $ALGAE Claiming Options

$ALGAE is the currency of the Mighty Manateez ecosystem.

Comic Issue #1 – The comic is ready and looks awesome. The general public will have the ability to mint the comic.

· For every Comic you MINT you get 100 $ALGAE at time of mint.

· Once minting of the comic book has completed you can purchase comic books on OpenSea secondary market and still yield $ALGAE.

· For every Comic you hold, you will be rewarded 5 $ALGAE per day for the next 10 years ending Dec 31st, 2031.

· (RELEASING SOON) Mint Baby Manateez – 2 OG Mighty Manateez (not burned) + 2000 $ALGAE (burned)

· (RELEASING SOON) Update the name and bio of your Baby Manateez – 250 $ALGAE each (burned)

$ALGAE Tokenomics

10,000 Original Mighty Manatees can claim 500/each = 5,000,000

MerchPass holders can claim 100/each (100 were sold) = 10,000

5 ALGAE yielded per day per Comic Book owned for 10 years = 91,250,000

Total Possible Supply: 96,260,000 $ALGAE